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Man plays porn during church service

A woman was horrified when she saw a man showing adult videos to her son at church.

The man who is homeless, was arrested on Sunday, after police said he showed pornography to a child during church service at the First Centenary United…

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Woman develops horns on private parts after stealing a goat

A Zimbabwean News website based in UK has pulled a shocker by reporting that a New Mazwi village couple in the business of stealing livestock in Bulawayo, reportedly developed "goat horns" shortly after stealing goats from a nearby resettlement area of Robert Sinyoka.

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Man impregnates his mother 4 times, dad dies after finding out

HE CLAIMS that he started having sex with his stepmother when he was just 15 years old. Now he is 29 and his father's death is on his conscience.

His dad who was a taxi driver in South Africa died a week after…

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Woman divorces husband for his obsession with 'Kim Kardashian'

An Egyptian woman divorced her husband in court after learning that he had a relationship outside marriage because she refused to go to the beauty salon and become like US TV star Kim Kardashian, newspapers reported on Thursday.

The woman told court in…

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Woman beats up grandmother for rejecting her Facebook friends request

A woman was arrested on charges of assault after hitting her grandmother for rejecting her Facebook friends request.

Police were called after Rachel Anne Hayes of Clearwater, Florida, slapped her grandmother several times in the face.

Hayes was upset because her 72-year-old grandmother…

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