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17 women find out they were dating the same guy after he gets admitted in...

A Chinese youngster who dated 17 women at a time was today arrested for fraud in south-central Hunan province, according to a media report.

The man, who was identified only by his surname Yuan, allegedly took large sums of money from some of…

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Parents beat their 2-year-old daughter to death to stop her from crying

A couple was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly beating their young child to death to stop her from crying, police in Mexico said.

24-year-old Maribel Palacios Posada and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Gerardo Gonzalez Mayoral, are said to have killed their 2-year-old…

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Man gives away daughter’s car for free because she refused to clean it

 A man showed his stepdaughter tough love after she refused to clean her car.

James Baggott, who was disgusted by the filthy state of his daughter’s car, decided to take it away from her so she learns to respect her possessions.

Baggott of Gosport,…

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Chinese billionaire sends his 6,400 employees on $14.5 million vacation to France

A billionaire boss showed his appreciation to his workers by sending them on an all expenses paid vacation.

However, this was no small feat. The man has 12,000 employees and he paid for 6,400 employees to fly to France.
Chinese billionaire Li Jinyuan, gifted more…

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Woman gives birth to baby with two horns (PHOTOS)

The birth of a new born baby would normally elicit joy and excitement in people. It is more so when the mother has been longing for it without results for years. But, the reverse was the case in a maternity centre (name…

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