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Man scans his private parts at self-checkout counter of supermarket

A man was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure after he allegedly scanned his private parts at the self-checkout counter of a supermarket, according to police in Washington.
East Precinct officers arrested the man on Wednesday night, after he flashed employees at the…
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Soccer player kicked out in middle of game for farting

A soccer player of Sweden, said that he was shocked to be kicked out in middle of a game for farting.
25-year-old Adam Lindin Ljungkvist, who plays for the Jarna SK team, was heard farting loudly during a match against the Pershagen SK team…
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Man learns he has four kidneys after being taken to hospital for stomach pain

A man in China, was surprised to learn that he had four kidneys, following a period of severe stomach pain.
28-year-old Wang Kailian of Guizhou, went to a hospital after suffering unbearable stomach pain.
Doctors took X-rays, which revealed that he had four kidneys inside him…
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Pastor invites people to eat fried human flesh

A pastor was arrested after allegedly inviting people to eat fried meat, which turned out to be human flesh, according to police in Nigeria.
Ondo police said that they have arrested Adeniyi Johnson, who is a pastor at the Winners Chapel church, after he…
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Priest caught having sex with a cow

A priest tried to swim across a lake after being caught having sex with a cow, according to police in South Africa.
Limpopo police said that they received calls about a priest being assaulted after being caught having sex with a cow in public.
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