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Flock of sheep become high after eating bags of marijuana

A flock of sheep became high after munching on bags of marijuana, which someone dumped at their farm, police in the United Kingdom said.

Surrey Police said that by the time the sheep’s owner realized what was going on, the sheep already ate…

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Man arrested for having four wives, seven fiancees and five girlfriends

A man was arrested after the women in his life discovered that he was a chronic cheater, liar and fraudster.

28-year-old Sonko Tijan broke a record in Austria, for bigamy by dating many women at one time.

Interestingly enough, he managed to do so…

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Man caught with 45kgs of used women's underwear

Border police officers were surprised to find women's used underwear being smuggled into Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has seized 45kgs of second hand g-strings, thongs and regular panties at the Sango Border Post.

"In a move aimed at safeguarding the health and…

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Camel beats its owner to death after not getting his daily Coca-Cola drink

A man is death after being beaten by his camel because he did not serve it its daily Coca-Cola drink, police in Mexico said.

The man of the U.S., was identified as the owner of a park in Tulum.

According to the police investigation,…

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Funeral home makes firecrackers from human remains

A funeral home in Missouri, said that they will light up human ashes after creating firecrackers from dead bodies.

The Greenlawn Memorial Gardens event in Springfield, will display fireworks made from cremated remains.

"We are looking forward to the first of what we hope…

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