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Woman becomes U.S. citizen and changes her name to Oprah Winfrey

A woman who wants to live the American dream and change the world, decided to change her name to her idol. 
Bonita Dunbar of Durham, North Carolina, changed her name to Oprah Winfrey, as she aspires to be like the famous talk show host Oprah…
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Man files $10 million lawsuit against prison for allowing him to escape

A prison inmate filed a lawsuit against officials because they allowed him to escape from his cell by climbing down a 17 story building, according to court documents in Illinois.
40-year-old Jose Banks wants $10 million after suffering from trauma following the escape from…
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Man forced to choose his mother or wife who were drowning at same time

A family fishing trip has gone bad after their boat overturned. 
28-year-old Wang Fei Guo and his wife of four years Xiaoqing, took a trip to his mother’s home in China.
The mother’s home is near a lake, which is a well-known fishing spot. Xiaoqing asked her…
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Man Sets Car On Fire So It Won't Be Towed

No one wants their car towed, but Shad Badeau really didn't want his car towed, police say. The 40-year-old New Hampshire man was arrested Sunday evening after cops in Manchester say he approached a tow truck that had been called to take…
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Pastor commits suicide after hackers exposed him on adultery website

A pastor who taught at a Baptist seminary in New Orleans has committed suicide just days after his name was exposed by the hackers of Ashley Madison - the adultery website.
A native of Louisiana, 56 year old John Gibson was born into a…
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